2013: The Year of 365 Blog Posts

I’ve been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions my whole life. Until now. Why? Well, here’s the definition of the word:




1.     (1) A firm decision to do or not to do something.

2.     (2) A formal expression of opinion or intention


Resolutions are great. They are the seeds of change. But you still need water to make a seed grow. You still need a plan. 

I’m not interested in resolving to do certain things. Rather, I’m interested in: figuring out what matters to me, resolving to pursue those things fiercely, and then coming up with a thorough, tangible plan - one that I can measure and commit to. Resolutions help you identify *what* it is you want to do, reflection helps you identify *why* you want to do those things, and a plan is a roadmap for *how* to do them. The reflection and planning are two of the most important parts of personal growth and lifelong change. 

I’m the kind of person who, at any given point, wants to tackle 72 different goals. But what I learned in 2012 is that the more you try to take on, the less effective you actually are. Where there is lack of clarity and focus, there is lack of results you can be proud of.

So, I’m keeping my goals focused this year. One of the big ones I’ve committed to is writing a blog post EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2013. 365 posts. Some days, I’ll write. Other days, I’ll post an image. Sometimes I’ll do both. But I’ll be here, with something new every single day this year. 

The goal of my daily blog will be to capture and share the story of a twenty-something who is passionately exploring the areas that many people wish they better understood: politics, health & wellness, religion, love, family, friendship, personal finance, financial markets, career success, productivity, media, powerful storytelling, entrepreneurship, and more.

Why the commitment to blogging every day in 2013?

Because I’m frustrated that, even with the world at our fingertips (Thanks, Google), it’s still so challenging to learn and understand basic issues that we all deserve and need to understand better. Take politics, for instance. You could learn something about liberal and conservative stances from a news article or biography – but it takes a lot of work to learn, in a full and unbiased way, about political discourse and party similarities and differences.

So what happens? People get discouraged. People “drop out” of the learning cycle. They become uninformed and disempowered. This is true of just about every important area in life: getting healthy, understanding religion, finding your career and personal passions, developing healthy relationships, understanding markets, and managing your personal finances, to name a handful. 

It just shouldn’t be that hard to learn about what matters.

I want to take my passion for learning and curate it all into daily, digestible bites of genuinely useful information. I want to make it as easy as possible for people to learn about what’s important – all of the topics that matter most and come to define who we are and the quality of our lives.

My hope is that many other readers out there come along on the exciting journey of world- and self-exploration with me. To become happier, healthier, loving, well-informed individuals who go on to change the world in the most positive and fulfilling ways possible.

I have no idea how this blog will take shape. I have no idea what I’ll write about, or when I’ll write about it. But I can promise you this: I’ll always be honest. I’ll always be myself and express my truth. I’ll learn with the desire to share what I learn with you, in hopes that the information will, in some way, better serve you as you continuously strive to make the most out of life. 

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for a long time because I convinced myself that I needed to have the perfect website for it first. I needed more time. I needed to learn how to code. I needed to come up with a year-long writing plan.

…Sounds exhausting, right?

In other words, I’ve been putting off a dream because I haven’t found the “perfect time” to start writing my blog. But what I’m learning is that the perfect time to start something never arrives. Because it’s always the perfect time to start something that you love.

Here’s to the first of 365 blog posts in 2013. 

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