If You Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Get What You’ve Always Gotten.


You’ve probably heard the expression…

"Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results." 

It’s amazing how quickly we fall into bad—sometimes unforgiving—habits. It’s easy to get lazy. It’s easy to cozy up to the comfort of traditional ways of doing things. It’s easy to find excuses about why things can’t be different. 

But the thing is, if you keep doing things the way you’ve been doing things, you’ll keep getting the same things you’ve always gotten. 

Unhealthy relationships. 

Passionless work. 

Extra pounds. 

Financial struggle. 

Low self-esteem. 

A distant family. 

What are you complaining or worrying about these days? 

What circumstances do you want to be different?

How do you want to be different?

If you want things to change—if you want different results in your life in any area—what you need to do is very simple. 

1.) Know this: there isn’t a specific checklist of tasks you can do to become successful.

Success isn’t that formulaic. Part of what makes success special is the personality you infuse into why and how you do what you do. Stop looking for theprescribed set of answers. Success is creating your own checklist. 

2.) Study the attitudes and though processes of successful people (and not the specific actions or results).

Read a ton of biographies. Take people you admire out for coffee. Read the stuff they write. Figure out how successful people think. Uncover how they view certain types of situations (like: success, crisis, failure, setback, pivots, etc.). Too often, we try to model the specific actions of successful people, hoping we’ll get similar results. But, your list of actions is the part you get to make uniquely your own. It’s really learning about how to think and respond to things that matters. If you pay close attention, successful people will show you how. 

3.) Get out of your own way. 

Create a list of the specific things/circumstances you want to be different in your life. Write down what behaviors or habits you engage in that are getting you the result you don’t want. Then, go out of your way to do things differently. Give yourself permission to veer off course. 

That’s why the best kind of treasure is at the bottom of deep oceans, and not a slot machine in Vegas. 

If you want things to be different, you need to be different. Do the unexpected. Go where others don’t go. Go where others are afraid to go. 

That where you’ll find your treasure. 

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