Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Mistakes: it’s critical that we unlearn the lesson that we shouldn’t make them. 

Being afraid of mistakes stops us from taking the leaps we’re meant to—and need to—take. Being afraid of mistakes causes us to become paralyzed when we eventually do make them. And boy, we have and we will. 

This isn’t new advice. Everyone says “don’t be afraid to make mistakes.” And people constantly telling you that doesn’t make you any less terrified of screwing up, right? 

It’s because we are too often run by our feelings and our blueprints for how life needs to unfold. 

But think about it for a minute: 

You’re going to screw up. This is a guarantee. 

And when you do, you have two major choices: hurt and hide or lean in and learn. 

We let ourselves feel hurt by our own mistakes, and as a result, we totally miss the lesson. So literally, there’s no benefit in or point to being afraid of our own mistakes. The only option that makes sense is to embrace our mistakes and take them for what they are: opportunities to learn and get closer to where and who we want to be. 

That realization is so liberating. 

Whenever you feel yourself starting to make decisions driven by avoidance of potential mistakes, pause. Please don’t run away from what scares you. Listen to your gut. Push through the fear. Run towards opportunities, not away from potential failures you’re foreseeing within those opportunities. 

I promise you, that’s when life gets good. 

If you want to experience the greatest version of your life, stop running away from it. 

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