How Would You Make This Year Awesome for Someone Else?

If you could make this year awesome for somebody else, who would it be? What would you do?

We’re constantly resolving to do stuff for ourselves, but we never really think about resolutions as opportunities to make other people’s lives better. 

What would happen if we stopped thinking about ourselves so damn much? If we walked into a networking event with the aim of making others feel more comfortable? If we left a kind and encouraging note on a stranger’s windshield? If we made a home cooked meal for a tired friend? If we just sat and listened intently to others—and didn’t just wait for space to talk back? 

What if, instead of trying to make this year awesome for ourselves, we resolved to make it awesome for others? 

What would you do? How would you change? How would you catalyze a change in others?

You see, that’s the crazy thing about giving. When we give everything we’ve got with an abundance mindset—for ourselves and toward others—the well (of money, inspiration, energy, etc.) never runs dry. 

I’ll use my daily blogging as an example. 

My initial worry was that I wouldn’t have enough to say. Anyone who knows me well knows this fear is ludicrous. But, it was my genuine fear.

In releasing my heart and soul on paper and sharing it with the world every single day for over 3 months, I’ve found the exact opposite to be true. 

I have more ideas. More to share. There is an abundance of lightbulb moments—of energy to blog every day. I’ve been totally blessed with more learning than I ever imagined possible on January 1st.

Our actions are energy. And our consistency is the momentum that pushes the energy forward. 

Now, apply that to personal relationships. 

What if you made the rest of this year not about you? What if you made it about what you could abundantly give to others? What if you could make life more awesome for someone else? 

Who would you make it more awesome for? How would you do it?

Whatever current limitation you have that’s stopping you from giving more, throw it out the window. 

Is it out yet? 


Now, take all the energy you were spending on what you didn’t have—time, money, energy, connections, etc—and use it to give more to people that you think or anyone else thinks reasonable. 

guarantee unexpected awesomeness will unfold.

I should note: this isn’t an exercise in martyrdom. Martyrdom is about giving out of a mentality of scarcity. That shit doesn’t work. 

You have to GIVE eagerly and abundantly, trusting that you’ll be taken care of in the end. Not going to lie—I don’t know how it works the way it does. I don’t know why it works the way it does. I just know that’s the way the energy of the world works—every single time, without fail. 

What if your resolution was to make this year more awesome for someone else? What would happen? 

Go, find out.