Life is Simple, But We Insist On Making it Complicated

I’ve been feeling this way a lot lately. Humans do a fantastic job of making things more complicated than they really are: relationships, work, love, organization, productivity, faith, losing weight, etc.

We like complexity because it gives us something to do, but I think also because we’re addicted to effort. 

Effort, however, is not what drives results. 

This is something I’ve noticed about myself over the last 6 months—I’m working really hard. But is the work I’m working really hard at the best use of my work time? Not always. 

It’s easy to create complexity—buying more stuff, building systems that take a lot of effort to use, staying in the wrong relationships/friendships, and generally building things up to be bigger issues or obstacles in our mind then they really are. 

If you’re feeling bogged down by life’s complexity lately, it’s probably because you’re making things more complex than they need to be. 

Take a step back, take 3 really big deep breaths, figure out how you can simplify, and then implement the simpler solution. 

Life is really, truly simple, and beautifully so. 

Don’t make it unnecessarily complicated and messy.