Seek Out Solutions Where Others See Problems

Just about everyone can spot a problem. But here’s the difference I’ve noticed between entrepreneurial thinkers and everybody else:

Everybody else will point at, talk about, and wallow in the problem. 

Entrepreneurs will look at a problem and say, “I’m going to build something to fix that.”

We’re so caught up in categorizing entrepreneurs as people who close crazy rounds of funding, build huge teams, and grow a multi-million-dollar business. But those are all results. They are the results entrepreneurs achieve from thinking and behaving like dedicated problem solvers. 

If you want to be an entrepreneurial thinker, it’s easy. It doesn’t require a ton of money or you building a formal company. All it requires is a willingness to actively seek out problems—and then come up with and build creative solutions for them. 

If you want to build something truly great, you almost never need to reinvent the wheel. Startups that do are extremely rare.

The majority of great startups in our country were born out of necessity. The only think you need to do is find what’s truly necessary. What do people really need? The world’s next great solution lives in midst of the problems you find. Most of the time, those problems are ones that you yourself are experiencing. 

So find a problem you have that you know other people have.

Then be the one who creates a solution for it.